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Fanlistings sur les jeux

Assassin's Creed
Betrayed Yet Victorious : AC 1 Son of None : Altair Ibn La-Ahad Ora sei libero dalla paura : AC 2 In the Name of Liberty : AC 3 Revolution : Connor / ratonhnhake:ton And if everything is permitted... why not chase every desire? : AC 4
Dangan Ronpa
Seraphic : Nanami Chiaki I know there's still Tomorrow : Komaeda Nagito
Dragon Age
A Great Journey : Dragon Age Origins Swooping Is Bad : Alistair
The Elder Scrolls
Descended from Fire : Skyrim
Lone Wanders : Fallout 3
Heavy Rain
To catch a Killer : Heavy Rain
Mass Effect
Galactic Importance : ME 1 Battle Master : Urdnot Wrex Calibrations : Garrus Vakarian Space Hero : ME 2 Scientist Salarian : Mordin Solus An End, Once And For All : ME 3
Deliquescent : Mitsuru Kirijo Defining Hero : Junpei Iori
Phoenix Wright
A Creed of Strength : Miles Edgeworth Jeweled Sky : Ema Skye Rise Above : Phoenix Wright Crazy Beautiful : Franziska von Karma
For Science... You Monster : P2 Doing Science : GLaDOS
Star Wars
Erased Identity : KOTOR
Determination : Jeu Undertale